Inside Look at Spring! All about our new hats + The Laptop Lifestyle Collection!

An Inside Look at Our New Spring Hats + The Brand New Laptop Lifestyle Collection! 

Watch the video below as our CEO, Lindsey Nadler breaks down each new hat so you can find your perfect match. 

In our CEO Hat Club spring launch you'll notice two major distinctions:

1. POWDER BLUE everything. The Donna Stiff Brim Fedora, The Billie Rancher and the Billie Rancher with feather band is now available in POWDER BLUE the absolute color of the season across all fashion trends. 

2. STRAW wide brim hats. Inside of our new collection the Laptop Lifestyle Collection you'll find three new hats: The Shirley Straw Boater in Tan or Cream, The Beth Black Straw Boater, and the Sarah Straw Rancher in Tan. 

Watch Below

We can't wait to see you get your hands on one of our gorgeous new spring hats! Perfect for your next brand photoshoot, meeting or every day CEO life!